The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) is seeking to appoint an experienced chef at Rothera Research Station on the Antarctic Peninsula to provide a high standard, professional catering service for the station across both summer and winter seasons. Chefs form a component of the operational support teams, under the purview of the Station Logistics Manager in summer, which are critical to maintaining an efficient and functioning station. The incoming winter chef deploys during their first summer season with other summer chefs, continuing through the winter solo before completing their tour during their final summer season as the outgoing winter chef.
Antarctica is the coldest and most isolated continent in the world, providing a unique and spectacular experience. In summer, candidates must be comfortable living and working in a remote, yet densely populated environment, and must be able to produce a wide and interesting variety of dishes to sustain a constantly fluctuating population. Conversely, they must cater for a reduced and fixed population during winter months. Food deliveries occur annually by ship so catering must meet the expectations and dietary requirements of the science, operations, construction and support staff living on station using the finite ingredients available for up to 18 months.
Unlike a standard restaurant or hotel job, life on a remote research station is broader than primary employment. Chefs participate in all aspects of station life, such as first aid, cargo handling and field skills training. The winter chef also deploys on field trips away from Rothera. Other routine tasks during the tour may involve riding snowmobiles, flying on small aircraft to field locations or sailing through pack ice on a polar class ship.
For the experienced chef with a positive attitude and a passion for delivering fantastic food, this role offers a different and truly unforgettable opportunity.


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